Lego Spike Essentials: Wheels have to be pushed

Ah, the wondrous invention of the wheel, undoubtedly one of humanity’s greatest feats. Its origins trace back to around 3500 BC, though I must admit, I’m quite curious who came up such a precise estimate. Yet, despite its brilliance, there’s a rather unfortunate truth we come to realize early on in life – most wheels require a fair bit of pushing to prove their usefulness. I remember this revelation dawning upon me in my early years, perhaps around the tender age of two or three. Or perhaps I don’t really remember.

So, on a not so eventful evening, I decided to go on a little adventure with my son, aiming to revolutionize the art of wheel-pushing. Given our fondness for tinkering with Legos, we developed a peculiar machine capable of pushing wheels – and only wheels. Our ingenious solution? Utilizing a color sensor to detect the unmistakable hue of white (for, as fate would have it, most wheels in our set are of this color), thus triggering the gentle push. This way, we ensured a safety mechanism to prevent any unintended pushing or potential mishaps. So do not panic people, this machine will not hurt you!

Robot pushing wheels